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The Bassoon Society

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[29 Jun 2011|01:01pm]

Not sure if anyone checks this... but I'm looking to sell my bassoon (sadly) and I can't for the life of me remember if what I own is a 220 or a 240. I know the difference theoretically, but is there somewhere on the instrument where it's marked so I can be sure?
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The Fluttertongue [24 Jun 2008|05:13pm]

Hello, dearest bassoonists of the LiveJournal World.

Please go here and listen to "Flutter Tonguing." Are those multiple bassoons? Or do bassoons naturally do a fifth (+ octave?) when you fluttertongue?
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Seven Miniatures – unaccompanied bassoon – free pdf [15 Jun 2008|01:36am]

Things look fairly quiet here, but for anyone who might happen to drop by ...

I've recently re-typeset my Seven Miniatures for Bassoon (1992). The movements are: Intrada – Study I – Folksong – March – Blues – Study II – Epilogue. They're "mildly modern" – college level of difficulty – total duration: approximately 8 minutes. I also have a simpler, fun canon for two bassoons: The Pinchgut Jig. Suitable as a "fanfare", a warm-up for large ensembles, a music camp ditty ... duration 1'10".

If anyone is interested in getting hold of pdf copies of one or both – gratis! – please send me a message via LJ or email me at "not_so_fast(AT)fastmail(DOT)fm".

Also curious as to what general part of the world you're from. I'm in Sydney, Australia.

(Warning for anyone using dial-up: the attachments are 532 & 136 KB respectively.)
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fun bassoon duets [03 Jan 2008|04:42pm]

Anyone know of some enjoyable bassoon duets? I'm trying to get a friend of mine who used to play bassoon back into it, and I'm hoping some exciting music will aid my efforts. I'm a performance major, and he was for a couple years, so some semi-challenging music would be good. All I've got is the Wanhal, and you can only play that so much...Also, duets for other instruments that I could transcribe would be fine too. I doubt we'll perform anything, but just for fun.
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Fox Renard 240 Artist Model For Sale [03 Jan 2008|01:32pm]

Hey guys. college is expensive and I have this bassoon I don't use anymore. It's an 05 barely used Fox 240 Artist. If anyone is interested please respond with an offer. I can take pictures if needed. Comes with a CVX 2 and a CVX 3 bocal. Also included are swabs, neck strap, seat strap, and hard plastic reed case. Any questions feel free to ask.
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Bassoon buying [07 Dec 2007|11:35pm]

Hello! I'm a high school senior who has been playing bassoon for six years. I'm a pretty advanced high school player- I've made it to State before, I've been making my own reeds for a few years and I'm apart of a local youth wind symphony. I currently play on a school-owned Schreiber which is dear to my heart, but "not good enough" as my lesson teacher says. So I'm on the hunt for my own bassoon, especially since I'll need one after graduation. I don't plan on majoring or minoring in music, but I'd like to continue playing bassoon through college and hopefully through life. : ) I'm looking to buy a Fox bassoon (per my lesson teacher's suggestion- according to him they are "reliable and consistent"), one that would be suited for an advanced student / non-professional. Specifically, I've been looking at the 220 and the 240 which are both in a reasonable price range and according to what I've heard, decent sounding bassoons. However, since this is such a big investment for me, I'm having difficulty making a decision and I have a few questions:

1) Which bassoon would you recommend for a person in my situation? Or should I get a better bassoon than the 220 or 240? Are there any other brands / models you suggest?
2) Do you prefer a long-bore or a short-bore bassoon? One of my friends (who has a school-owned 240) says his instrument is always having pitch problems, a characteristic of the short-bore bassoon.
3) How long will a bassoon last if it is well-cared for?  

Thank you!

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New person with Question [01 Dec 2007|08:41am]

Hi! I'm a high school student. I just started bassoon 2 years ago but took private bassoon lessons over the summer and improved a lot. (My teacher rocks!) But since I didn't try out for the "good" band in my school the year before I am stuck in the sucky band where about only a quarter of the people actually care and know their scales. (most don't know past C,F,Bb,Eb) So it is frustrating for someone who actually practices. Point is I'm trying to start a double reed ensemble with my oboeist friend (the school just got an English horn!). Our main problem right now is lack of double reed players (there are only 8!) and lack of music. does anybody know where I can get music that is not too hard?
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bassoon in ensembles [26 Nov 2007|01:50pm]



Im looking for music which has bassoon in an ensemble perhaps with an interesting mix of instruments, not just bassoon and strings, wind quintets etc. Does anyone know of any music I would be able to get hold of to try some works like this?

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[24 Oct 2007|11:06am]

Howdy! I was just wondering if any has a Moennig or Schreiber and what their experiences has been with these bassoons. I've played for three years on my school's plastic fox bassoon and at this point these are the ones that I can afford.Sooo any help will be appreciated.
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Crooks [22 Oct 2007|10:03pm]

This really isn't interesting. I play on a #2 Yamaha SuperBocal (VN-2? PB-2? The gold-plated one) that I really like for solo playing and I love it's upper range.

So, we're playing Mahler 4, which is spectacular. It has at times not terribly complicated but tremendously beautiful wind writing. In the third movement, there are a lot of chorales and such, and I decided to switch crooks and use my seldom-used CVX #3 for pitch and orchestral blending.

After a rehearsal, my back hurt. The crooks are almost the same lengths, but the combination of the length and bend angle required that my horn be close to an inch and half further from my face. It was like playing a different instrument. My hand angles changed, the crook angle changed, everyhting was further from my body, it was the most bizzare bassooning experience I've had recently. I guess that's how much I played on the Yamahama. The ratio of hours played on the Yamaha and the Fox must be wild. So, I think that was bad for my back.

It threw my technique off. Things I had practiced felt foreign. Technical spots that weren't traps before became traps then. Some intervals felt odd.

Those parts were magical, but it was so fucked up. I can't describe it. I guess I was kind of surprised, because I played a lot on the Fox crook, too, but that was 10-11 years ago. I played a lot on the Yamaha.

So, put that in your hookah and smoke it.

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[04 Oct 2007|09:05pm]

It's finally time for me to get a bassoon! I'm definitely getting a Moosman, and my teacher wants me to get a 98A. I'm kind of partial to the 150A, though. I'm only a junior in high school, but I'd really like this bassoon to take me at least the majority of the way through college (I'm an aspiring performance major). I feel like I should be getting the better bassoon, but besides the fact that one is professional and the other is a student bassoon, I'm not even sure what the differences are or if one is better than the other. Can someone please shed some light on this?
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[01 Oct 2007|05:51pm]

I am playing chamber music at a friend's wedding next month and I was wondering if anyone could make suggestions on what to play- right now we have a string quartet and bassoon, but the music can be any combination of that. So far, there are some string pieces and Mozart's Sonate for Bassoon and Cello. Thanks.
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[23 Sep 2007|07:01pm]

Does anyone know any bassoon teachers in the greater Indianapolis area, specifically northern Indianapolis? I'm a high school student who has played for ~2 years.
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bocals? [04 Sep 2007|08:10pm]

I recently bought a Fox 601 and am kinda sorta looking at bocals 'cause the Fox bocals are pretty crappy. For anyone playing on a 601, what bocal do you use? I've tried various Heckels that people I know own, but I was recently told to look in to the Moosman bocals for it. Has anyone tried these?
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The Bassoon Quartet [29 Jun 2007|02:25am]


Hahaha, I'm starting to count on certain LiveJournal communities to find instrumentalists. Anyway, nice to meet you all. I'm a composer, and I'm writing a quartet for bassoons. (4th bassoonist will play the contra half of the time, and the other half a bassoon... though I'm considering dropping the contra idea.)

I've been looking all over the Internet to find a comprehensible guide for the most popular and kind of easiest multiphonics on the bassoon. (I know that for some multiphonics, it's a question of individuality of both the player and the instrument.) My best luck so far is: 1) This One, which makes very little sense to me, and 2) That One, which has the benefit of sound-files but totally lacks notation and pointing out which notes sound.

It's possible that I might have to go out and find a Bassoon Fingering Guide book, but I figured I'd try out here and either get good website suggestions or some information (including notation) on certain multiphonics you know would work for most bassoonists.

And maybe I'll get lucky and find some performers in the Ottawa (Ontario, Canada) area to maybe work with.

Love and thanks in advance,
General Gifford

(Cross-posted to bassoonlover.)
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[23 Jun 2007|02:50pm]

Has anyone played PDQ Bach's Sonata Abassoonata? Or seen it performed?
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[16 May 2007|05:48pm]

Hello... I am new to LiveJournal and I am trying to make some new friends.... I guess in this case, new bassoonist friends. I am a beginner bassoon player and have only been at it since mid January. Despite the fact that I still don't have a private teacher, I made the regional honor band (last chair out of six) in Tucson, Arizona. What's going on? :)
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bocal repair [29 Apr 2007|07:29pm]

Anyone know of a good bocal repairman? I had an accident with my Fox CTC bocal; it's dented opposite the pin hole. I don't know if it's repairable or worth the cost of the repair...
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[18 Apr 2007|08:41pm]

Just out of curiosity: How fast can you single tongue/when do you switch to double tonguing? How fast could you single tongue after playing bassoon for 5 years and/or as a sophomore in high school?
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[15 Apr 2007|07:14pm]

[ mood | annoyed ]

I have a quick question, I've been searching the net for the past 3 hours just to find a site that sells affordable medium hard bassoon reeds. If someone would be so kind to help me out with some sites. Thanks in advance guys

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