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Seven Miniatures – unaccompanied bassoon – free pdf

Things look fairly quiet here, but for anyone who might happen to drop by ...

I've recently re-typeset my Seven Miniatures for Bassoon (1992). The movements are: Intrada – Study I – Folksong – March – Blues – Study II – Epilogue. They're "mildly modern" – college level of difficulty – total duration: approximately 8 minutes. I also have a simpler, fun canon for two bassoons: The Pinchgut Jig. Suitable as a "fanfare", a warm-up for large ensembles, a music camp ditty ... duration 1'10".

If anyone is interested in getting hold of pdf copies of one or both – gratis! – please send me a message via LJ or email me at "not_so_fast(AT)fastmail(DOT)fm".

Also curious as to what general part of the world you're from. I'm in Sydney, Australia.

(Warning for anyone using dial-up: the attachments are 532 & 136 KB respectively.)
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