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Bassoon buying

Hello! I'm a high school senior who has been playing bassoon for six years. I'm a pretty advanced high school player- I've made it to State before, I've been making my own reeds for a few years and I'm apart of a local youth wind symphony. I currently play on a school-owned Schreiber which is dear to my heart, but "not good enough" as my lesson teacher says. So I'm on the hunt for my own bassoon, especially since I'll need one after graduation. I don't plan on majoring or minoring in music, but I'd like to continue playing bassoon through college and hopefully through life. : ) I'm looking to buy a Fox bassoon (per my lesson teacher's suggestion- according to him they are "reliable and consistent"), one that would be suited for an advanced student / non-professional. Specifically, I've been looking at the 220 and the 240 which are both in a reasonable price range and according to what I've heard, decent sounding bassoons. However, since this is such a big investment for me, I'm having difficulty making a decision and I have a few questions:

1) Which bassoon would you recommend for a person in my situation? Or should I get a better bassoon than the 220 or 240? Are there any other brands / models you suggest?
2) Do you prefer a long-bore or a short-bore bassoon? One of my friends (who has a school-owned 240) says his instrument is always having pitch problems, a characteristic of the short-bore bassoon.
3) How long will a bassoon last if it is well-cared for?  

Thank you!

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