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New person with Question

Hi! I'm a high school student. I just started bassoon 2 years ago but took private bassoon lessons over the summer and improved a lot. (My teacher rocks!) But since I didn't try out for the "good" band in my school the year before I am stuck in the sucky band where about only a quarter of the people actually care and know their scales. (most don't know past C,F,Bb,Eb) So it is frustrating for someone who actually practices. Point is I'm trying to start a double reed ensemble with my oboeist friend (the school just got an English horn!). Our main problem right now is lack of double reed players (there are only 8!) and lack of music. does anybody know where I can get music that is not too hard?
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Only 8? Thats a pretty big number, my friend. Thats plenty for a double reed ensemble, in my opinion.

Anyway, try browsing the catalog at or other online music retailers. Most places have a rating system in place o indicate the difficulty.
Yeah, 8 definitely is enough for an ensemble. In my high school, I was the only bassoon player in the school and we only had two oboe players. has a type of search where you can put what instruments you want to get music for and it'll come up with a list of pieces he sells for that group. If you're curious about how difficult the music is you can always email him. He is fantastic about quickly responding to emails and always has wonderful suggestions.

You're very lucky to have that many double reed players in a high school. I was one of three for my middle years in high school.
O_O! 8?! lol i was the only bassoon player in my highschool in like 10 years!

that's definetly enough.
If you can't find any good music specifically for Double reeds.
you could always take some music that's arranged for Wind Trio's, Quartets, or Quintets and transpose the music (if it's in a different key or clef)

If you can't do this yourself ( i definetly couldn't in high school @_@) i'm sure your band director or private instructor would be willing to help.

hey you might even get a theory lesson on the side !! ^^/ be great for all the theory you have to take in college lol.

GL with the ensemble! don't give up, i would have loved to play in a double reed ensemble in highschool.