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This really isn't interesting. I play on a #2 Yamaha SuperBocal (VN-2? PB-2? The gold-plated one) that I really like for solo playing and I love it's upper range.

So, we're playing Mahler 4, which is spectacular. It has at times not terribly complicated but tremendously beautiful wind writing. In the third movement, there are a lot of chorales and such, and I decided to switch crooks and use my seldom-used CVX #3 for pitch and orchestral blending.

After a rehearsal, my back hurt. The crooks are almost the same lengths, but the combination of the length and bend angle required that my horn be close to an inch and half further from my face. It was like playing a different instrument. My hand angles changed, the crook angle changed, everyhting was further from my body, it was the most bizzare bassooning experience I've had recently. I guess that's how much I played on the Yamahama. The ratio of hours played on the Yamaha and the Fox must be wild. So, I think that was bad for my back.

It threw my technique off. Things I had practiced felt foreign. Technical spots that weren't traps before became traps then. Some intervals felt odd.

Those parts were magical, but it was so fucked up. I can't describe it. I guess I was kind of surprised, because I played a lot on the Fox crook, too, but that was 10-11 years ago. I played a lot on the Yamaha.

So, put that in your hookah and smoke it.

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