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General Gifford

The Bassoon Quartet


Hahaha, I'm starting to count on certain LiveJournal communities to find instrumentalists. Anyway, nice to meet you all. I'm a composer, and I'm writing a quartet for bassoons. (4th bassoonist will play the contra half of the time, and the other half a bassoon... though I'm considering dropping the contra idea.)

I've been looking all over the Internet to find a comprehensible guide for the most popular and kind of easiest multiphonics on the bassoon. (I know that for some multiphonics, it's a question of individuality of both the player and the instrument.) My best luck so far is: 1) This One, which makes very little sense to me, and 2) That One, which has the benefit of sound-files but totally lacks notation and pointing out which notes sound.

It's possible that I might have to go out and find a Bassoon Fingering Guide book, but I figured I'd try out here and either get good website suggestions or some information (including notation) on certain multiphonics you know would work for most bassoonists.

And maybe I'll get lucky and find some performers in the Ottawa (Ontario, Canada) area to maybe work with.

Love and thanks in advance,
General Gifford

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